Self-Managed Teams

Building the agile enterprise

Rigid process-driven approaches to delivering projects cannot respond to the rapidly changing business environment of the 21st century. Whether managing a transformational technology project or an HR deployment, it’s not so easy to bring Agile into an existing organisation with established people and practices.

We help businesses develop practical strategies to move from your existing process to Agile techniques without starting from scratch.

Isn’t it great to see people do more than they ever dreamed they could do or you thought they could do? That’s the fun of the business as far as I’m concerned.

– Sam Walton

Why it Matters

The benefits of Agile project management have become well recognised over the past few years. The prospect of finishing projects faster and adjusting to change rapidly has piqued the interest of many companies. But the reality has often proved disappointing.

Faced with inflexible organisational structures, incompatible cultures and outdated management approaches, the promise of dynamic and responsive projects is too rarely realised.

How we do it

We provide training and coaching to help teams and organisations realise the promise of Agile project management. Context matters! So where in one business we might look to build technical capability within an already responsive organisation; in another we might need to develop the defences needed to prevent an agile team from being forced into traditional practices.




I should caution that if you seek to plot out all your moves before you make them—if you put your faith in slow, deliberative planning in the hopes it will spare you failure down the line—well, you’re deluding yourself. For one thing, it’s easier to plan derivative work—things that copy or repeat something already out there. So if your primary goal is to have a fully worked out, set-in-stone plan, you are only upping your chances of being unoriginal.

― Ed Catmull

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