Dynamic Strategy

Written by James Elliott
on September 10, 2018

As the fervour and anticipation of a new planning cycle approach, the optimistic traditionalists among us are dutifully setting goals and strategies for the cycle ahead. An activity the realists abhor for fear of failure and a desire for rebellion.

Regardless of whether the urgent nature of the impending New Year has significant meaning for you or not, planning is an essential ingredient for the success of any organisation. However, before you go crazy making lists, let’s take a moment to celebrate your victories and acknowledge your shortcomings from this past year. This review is critical in understanding the strengths and constraints of your business and let’s face it, you as its leader. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk alone, and as you approach those forks in the road, the decision of which way to turn will soon become apparent.

Holacracy is a social technology used for organisations providing a distributed authority system built around an organic structure and grounded within the organisation’s purpose. Consider Holacracy as the anti-thesis of traditional management hierarchies to create a management-free environment focused on getting things done. Holacracy provides a different take on your annual strategy and planning sessions by providing a guiding light through the overwhelming decision-making process. I challenge you to make a difference in your strategy process by adopting a dynamic approach to manoeuvring your way through the minefield of running a business. Once you’ve strategised using this different method, all will be revealed about where to invest your time, money and resources.

Here are some examples of the strategic outcomes born from this process; they provide a clear direction when making decisions throughout the year:

Focus on:

  • Stabilising the environment over hunting out new opportunities
  • Satisfying core stakeholders over entrepreneurial zeal
  • Organisational coherence over inspired individuals

25 %

only 20% of managers believe that their systems for managing commitments across silos, work well all or most of the time

Why Strategy Execution Unravels, HBR - 2015
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